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Improve ROI

We help businesses to improve their overall ROI with PPC Campaigns. We have years of experience in running PPC Campaigns for small and big businesses. We will help you to increase your brand value and maximum brand exposure.


Increase Paid Traffic

Get perfect PPC Services for your business and boost up your paid traffic. You will notice prompt traffic on the website with One Design Technologies PPC services.


Reduced CPC

Our PPC Experts of One Design Technologies, dedicated to reducing total cost per conversion (CPC) and efforts to improve the quality score level.


Report Management

We examine the current business position and ROI. After a deep research, we will implement strategies and run PPC Campaigns for better possible results.

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Bespoke proposals to generate leads and sales with cutting edge PPC campaigns.

payperclickNo matter your business’s size, whatever your goal and aspirations might be, an PPC company in Jaipur can drive your results as per your business demands. PPC Ads are profitable and most popular forms of online advertising. Climbing organic search engines might take months to get results. Whilst a necessary portion of PPC can get you quick and tangible results within no time. Google Ads is a prominent platform in the marketplace and synonymous in the pay per click industry. Google search engines are crowded, and PPC campaigns can augment your visibility towards your audience. 

From quick wins to long term methodologies, we can help you create a profit rich environment and heighten your business while being cost-effective. Our PPC services enfold every component and tactics needed to run a successful PPC campaign. We dig deeper and use our expertise, data science and intelligent automation to yield the best possible returns from your investment. Our sophisticated data visualization techniques open up the hidden opportunities buried deep within to give an edge over your competitors. 


Our Pay-Per-Click Services

Pay Per Click Marketing is a cost-effective and quick way to drive more traffic, leads and sales. When you choose One Design Technologies for PPC Services, you’ll get:
Google Adwords

Publishers can gain about 68% of revenue when it comes to Adsense. A compelling and well-written ad with relative keywords may appear in your ads higher in search engines. Get qualified leads, instant traffic and conversions with PPC campaigns that help you stand out of the crowd while improving your brand awareness. We help businesses create smarter Google Ads management that is highly conversion-focused and highly optimized for your business.

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Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Build effective and powerful personalized ads on a platform that boasts about 1.5 billion daily active users. Most modern businesses are engaged on Facebook and targeted ad campaigns that deliver the best ROI among social networks. Unleash the power of social media and get tailored solutions that produce better results and increased ROI. We are result-oriented Facebook and Instagram management services that put a heart in the digital strategy to generate the most profitable outcome.

Bing Ads

Bing shares significant market searches conducted nationally and internationally. With bing ads, un-tap the opportunity to reach your audience and gain traction in your areas as your competitors. Unlock great potential with lower CPC and great ROAD performance with smart Bing ads management high conversion focused. One Design Technology, PPC company in India, is a dedicated PPC specialist that works with specialists to model Bing Ad campaigns and drive client sales to funnel.

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Youtube Marketing

Youtube is the largest video website and the second-largest search engine. Its time to get your business viewed on it with the right PPC campaign. It's not just to upload videos of your business; you need to optimize it with the right tags, descriptions, annotations and much more. As PPC company in India, we can create professional video scripts, shoot, design and film high-quality videos, graphic creation and much more to create your customized Youtube channel that drives business for you.

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Ecommerce PPC

Transform your online presence and increase your sale with eCommerce PPC. eCommerce is a trillion pound business, and it requires a bespoke strategy to ensure that your products and services get maximum visibility. Deploying tailor shopping campaigns gives you a chance to stand out and display your products directly into search result pages in a compelling way.

amazon ads
Amazon Marketing

Amazon sponsored Ads allows advertisers to reach out to amazon customers when searching for products or browsing for the services. Unlike other paid search platforms, Amazon sponsored ads can help you gain exposure by placing ads with the most relevant keywords and product categories. We select the products you want to advertise and appear across the top of search results and gain more presence while getting more ROI from Amazon.

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Increase Sales and ROI,
with Our PPC Services

 Businesses choose to automate their services with Google, and other paid advertising platforms, trusting they will generate results.

Our experience shows without human interpretation and intervention; the story is incomplete. Even the best bidding strategies and encompassing approaches may not reach their full potential if not tackled well. By putting your choices in, the PPC Company in Jaipur gets a unique and individual business campaign as per your goals.

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PPC (Pay Per Click) is an advertising method to drive traffic to your website by paying the marketing channels every time when an ad is clicked. PPC advertising is a very cost effective way for advertisers to drive targeted traffic and sales. 

There are a number of good reasons to use PPC. PPC is a faster process then SEO, it’s measurable, can be integrated with other marketing channels and most importantly if it’s optimized properly it can provide significant results.

PPC and SEO have their own advantages. With our experience in the industry, opting both SEO and PPC works really well for businesses that want to make a long-term investment with faster results to generate ROI. Our PPC experts can guide you in this decision by analyzing your website and competition.

Once we have access to all the necessary information, we can start digging into the keywords analysis and competitor analysis which will help to start the campaign within 2 weeks. We keep our process transparent and will provide you regular updates with the ad spend.

Google ads retrieve about 2.5% click rate. If the people skip your ad to the organic results, you don’t have to pay anything for people. You pay only when people click your ad, and the results can be hundreds, thousands and ten thousand. All depends on compelling content, interest and many other factors that convert traffic into leads. 

PPC is considered as a cost-effective part of marketing. The three elements determine the cost – cost of managing an account, cost per click, daily or monthly ad budget as per the industry, keywords and goals of the campaign. 

Yes, companies spend billions on Google ads each year, and they would guarantee you more traffic and always yield tangible results with higher conversions. 

The main PPC services that we offer include Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Marketing, Google Shopping Ads and Remarketing.


Ad Groups in Google Adwords is a way to group the keywords that are closely related to a specific product or service which enable the ads to be optimized for those keywords and to ensure the landing page is highly relevant.

Quality Score is one of the most important aspects for determining the quality and relevancy of your keywords, ads and landing page. There are a number of factors that are considered when calculating the quality score that includes quality of the landing page, CTR, keywords and relevancy to the ads. Optimizing a campaign with the Quality Score always helps to improve the ad position and lower the costs!!

Remarketing is one of the advertising methods that allows you to target visitors that have previously visited your website. These ads are generally displayed to those potential customers when they visit any other site in the display network.

Shopping Campaign is a specific campaign that allows you to display your products in Google search results. These campaigns are the most recommended ones for the ecommerce stores as they can generate great ROI.

PPC campaign includes targeting keywords in front of your audience with relevant phrases. It is a cost-effective way to drive traffic, conversions and engage your audience with ease. Also, it can deliver instant results. 

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Bing Ad Center and much more. We have geeks that can manage your Ads and turn clicks into leads while maximizing your profit and ROI.

We optimize your ads and minimize your costs through A/B testing. We perform an audit and review ad campaigns and suggest improvements based on latest practices tools and researches. We analyze performance and recommend any changes if needed.