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What is Mobile Marketing

With technology, there has been a major shift from desktops to smartphones. The business now does not limit itself to cater to web-based customers; they have radically augmented their services or products and captured their potential customers through mobile marketing. The Audience Network is always hanging; now people access the web from their mobile phone. A business must adapt flexible websites that can be accessed from phones and tablets. If not, you could be at risk of falling behind the competition. Escalate your marketing strategy that needs to go beyond traditional tactics. Mobile marketing services in Jaipur create a compelling strategy to draw and retain a mobile audience for your business. 

Mobile media consumption now outweighs traditional desktop devices; mobile marketing's significance is no more a surprise. With about 80% of internet users with smartphones, it's time to target your audience and prioritize your mobile marketing strategies. Mobile marketing agencies in Jaipur understand the complexities of consumer behavior and generate high-converting campaigns geared towards the best ROI for ambitious brands worldwide. One Design Technology can build a mobile market strategy that delivers consistent, quick, and long-lasting results. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can transform your online performance into something to be proud of. 


What we do

App marketing

With about 2.5 million apps in the iTunes store and over 3 million apps in the Google Play store, attracting your potential customer in the competitive market is difficult. Maximize your ROI and visibility, gain loyal customers, build trust and retain existing customers by optimizing mobile app marketing strategy. At a Mobile Marketing company in Jaipur, we are experts that help you drive more downloads of your mobile app and create effective campaigns that blend easily on mobile, tablet, and wearable devices. We focus on in-depth keyword research and work on A/B testing to measure performance so that the app serves powerful branding tools for the business.

Mobile advertising

As the consumer is becoming more tech-savvy, ads for web-based platforms are not enough for growing your business. To capture a broader market, you need innovative and creative ads for mobile devices and platforms to drive traffic to your site. Mobile advertising is the latest trend in online scenarios, is a powerful and compelling way to connect with your visitors personally. Mobile Marketing agencies in India understand the mobile usage pattern and behavior create click call campaigns, and generate leads online that works for your business.

QR code marketing

QR codes are a creative way in the ultra digital era to connect with your audience and bring traffic. There are numerous practical ways QR codes are used for marketing and promotions. QR codes provide product-related information like key features, product overview videos, brand colors, specific CA, and much more. Whether you are looking for a highly technical and multifaceted process marketing campaign, our experts can give you great operational and reputational advantages by building software applications that generate and scan QR codes for your business.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing is a cost-effective and simple method to reach out to your audiences. You can interact with your customers in a fraction of a second, no matter the time of day. Leverage your brand familiarity by SMS marketing campaigns that give you the power to engage with your customers. Mobile marketing services in India provide top-notch tools at a low cost that increases your brand reputation, enabling you to create tailor, promotional, and informative targeted ads.

Push Notification

Drive your customers to your website with relevant, impactful push notifications. Deliver personalized, meaningful messages to your targeted audience exactly at the right time to bring back to your website. One Design technology allows you to acquire quickly and personalized soft prompts representing your brand and increasing conversion. We can help you optimize user engagement, retention with personalized rich media compelling campaigns tailor to each user.

Mobile Ecommerce

Create an effective plan to boost your leads and sales through dynamic Mobile eCommerce shopping solutions. Drive consumers' attention and turn them into a loyal ones with the right eCommerce marketing solutions and next-generation PPC management that help you reach out to maximum customers and transform your store into an online retail powerhouse. We offer a full suite of e-commerce marketing services, including e-commerce landing pages, Facebook ads, Google shopping, PPC management that can help you maximize exposure and generate higher ROI.

Mobile Marketing Services

Work with expert team of
Mobile Marketing

We have expertise in a wide spectrum of digital marketing and mobile marketing. Unleash the business opportunities with our cutting edge solutions to augment your business to the next level. We integrate the latest tools and techniques and create unique, tailor-made plans that cater to your clients’ needs. Our team offers a comprehensive range of Mobile marketing services in Jaipur and successful campaigns to thousands of satisfied customers across diverse sectors.

Brand Awareness 93%
Mobile App Marketing 93%
Mobile Friendly Websites 95%

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Mobile Marketing Services

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Brand Awareness:

Make your customers aware of your brand. We provide newer heights to your brand with result-oriented mobile marketing services. 

Mobile App Marketing:

In this technological era, mobile app marketing is essential and plays an important role in brand development. We develop and submit the mobile app on play store/Apple store for your brand.

Mobile Friendly Websites:

At One Design Technologies, we can make your top-notch mobile friendly website that looks great on all devices and suitable to all resolutions. Our responsive website is compatible On Tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

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Onum has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
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Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke
Onum has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
Maria Kloop

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is mobile marketing management?

Mobile marketing encompasses handling multi-channel marketing strategies that aim to reach targeted audiences on their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. As technology becomes more fragmented, our marketing methodologies also have elevated.

Is mobile marketing right for me?

If you want to elevate your marketing methodologies and drive more mobile customers, it is the right tactic for you. Mobile marketing has to do everything with capturing marketing messages that are delivered via on the go mobile devices.

Which industries have you worked with?

Our dedicated team is well versed in diverse industry vehicles. We understand the ins and outs of the online marketing industry and create solutions as per the goals. From Lynx, Starbucks, HBO, and almost every business have mobile marketing methodologies successfully implemented. Get yours too today.

What is the cost of mobile marketing?

Every project encompasses different requirements and demands; therefore, the cost might vary as per the project. It is cost-effective compared to other marketing techniques.

What is the difference between mobile marketing and digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a broad term strategy that involves capturing customers through digital channels like social media, SERPs, emails, and much more. Simultaneously, mobile marketing is part of digital marketing that focuses on customers, specifically using mobile or go devices.

How long do I have to wait to see tangible results?

We can assure you tangible results, but the time may vary from weeks to months as per the methods implemented. We have clients who have admired work and experienced results in two months, while some clients had to wait for four months to see meaningful results.