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Content marketing is a lot more than just a buzzword for today’s business. Traditional advertising and marketing campaigns do not yield results as they did once. The future of marketing is crafting content that is genuinely valuable to enrich your digital presence and increases client engagement. Great content can keep your brand in the mind of potential buyers and establish expertise within your industry. Content marketing companies in Jaipur take the stress out of executing a content strategy and collaborating with you to create blogs, landing pages, infographics, datasheets, media posts to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

Google algorithm ranks and rewards appealing, well-curated high-quality content that improves organic search visibility of your website. To augment your marketing approaches, you need an upgraded strategy and partner with a top-flight content marketing agency. One Design Technology with a team of strategists, copywriters, content curators that attracts, inspires and engages the audience with well-crafted content that leverages your web traffic and compels your brand story. Content marketing agency in Jaipur holds a holistic understanding of the digital landscape that helps clients to develop custom marketing strategies that boost website traffic.

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Businesses tend to get 126 percent more lead growth compared to others. Blogging being an integral content option helps you reach the right audience and with compelling creative content urges them to take action. Content marketing services can scale your blog content effortlessly by combining user experience enhancing and SEO optimized content that helps clients gain a higher ranking than competitors organically. We believe the real content strategy is all about engaging your audience and creating brand awareness, captivating customers, and influencing behavior. Our team can create and publish finish content that is captivating, unique, and customer-focused.

Case Studies

If you have a compelling story to tell, case studies are a great option for your business to portray your story and turn leads into customers. Case studies can either build your brand reputation or lower it, it is vital to get it crafted right. A well-crafted study can leave a long-lasting impression on your customers, partners, and prominent players in your industry. We create compelling stores, case study templates, perform client interviews to take care of the entire process. Our creative and technical minds combine the work to ensure that your case study is engaging and informative.

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SEO optimized content writing

Your existing website might have the best website and content, but if it doesn't crawl up in search result pages, this is not going to be effective. Don't settle for ineffective content. Our Content marketing services Jaipur can enhance your website with better on-page SEO, incorporating cutting-edge marketing approaches to foster your online presence and cater to the needs of readers. We have a team of writers, strategies, and consultants that resonate with the target audience and ranks on search engine result pages.

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Ebook, white papers

Downloadable content like ebooks, whitepapers, guides can help businesses provide value to their potential customers. They establish authority, share information and insights while at the same time it boosts sales. Content marketing agencies in Jaipur expertly craft content to boost credibility and establish the leadership of your brand in the industry. Our content writers work in conjunction with strategists to provide white papers that can truly turn a cornerstone of lead generation and help you drive visitors to your website.

Press Release

A digital PR is a way of announcing something newsworthy. It should include informative and engaging content that pitches media interest and provides knowledge to your customer about your latest achievement. Despite various blogs, articles, social media posts, if you want to promote and grow your business, digital PR is a key part of a strategy. As the best content marketing agency in India, we create press releases that capture the eye of journalists, publishers, and media outlets. We put shoes of your brand and focus on relevant audiences in the industry journals, blogs, video channels, podcasts, social communities, and much more.

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The purpose of infographics is to translate unappealing data into an engaging form that is visually compelling. 65% of the audience are visual learners and Infographics is a way to simplify your complex message while hooking readers. Whether you want eye-catching infographics that or want to highlight key points, our team can help you with it. Our custom infographics can be drafted and designed to fit your needs while making them educational as well as enticing to viewers.

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    The Rocket-Fuel of the Content Marketing Strategy

    Our content marketing strategy is tailored to you. Our content helps establish companies to communicate with their audiences more effectively.
    Whether you’re focusing on increasing your sales, retain your existing business, or connect with a new customer. Content marketing is a proven strategy to complete any type of those goals. It gives quality to the people you need to do, improves connections and vitally attracts new customers.

    The growth of Content marketing takes commitment and discipline. We take your expertise and share it online with the holistic approach. The approach works for companies across the size and business industry range. We’ll help you to set up a complete content marketing strategy, which you can plan, manage and very well optimize using our services.

    We run the detailed audit of your competitive industry to create new and innovative content ideas, using the most recent industry tools.

    We create high-quality content for customers, not robots. We renew your complete brand copy with SEO-friendly content, it’s designed to be useful and interesting to your audience and completely benefit your business.


    We completely understand the perfect content complements and create a brand identity. We create content that helps establish companies communicate with their audiences in a more powerful and effective way.  You get the opportunity to focus on what you do best and thus do we.

    Unique and Relevant content are the currency of the new Internet world.  We write blog posts, in-depth articles, greeting pages, and aides that earn best SEO value and direct traffic to your website. Publishing in different types of content format drives and attracts new audiences. It drives sharing on social media platforms. We create infographics, videos, and more.

    We create unique and high quality content for customers, not robots. We renew your complete brand copy with SEO-friendly content, it’s designed to be useful and interesting to your audience and completely benefit your business.

    We’ll help you to set up a complete content marketing strategy, which you can plan, manage and very well optimize using our services. We run detailed audits of your competitive industry to create new and innovative content ideas, using the most recent industry tools.


    Our Experience matters

    Unique, intriguing, engaging, and convincing content can conquer thousands of clients. The more unique and well-crafted content, the better you may be able to portray your message to clients. Our team is equipped with expertise that heavily depends upon producing rich, customer-centric content that builds credibility, trust and influences the audience to make their purchase.


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    How to get started with content marketing?

    There are 4 main steps to get started - Content strategy, content creation, analytics, engagement channels. 

    How much content marketing costs?

    The cost depends entirely on the sort of content and the way you want to achieve results. Content marketing is a cost-effective strategy and can fit almost any budget. 

    What does the content marketing plan include?

     The main elements of a content marketing plan include:

    • The goal for your content
    • The channel you want to focus on engages your audience
    • Competitive industry
    • Problem solved
    • Description of your target customer
    • Baseline content needed
    • Testing metrics and much more. 
    What If I want to edit in my white papers or e-books?
    • We have industry-focused writers that possess skills, talent, and knowledge in different business and consumer markets. After your outline, our writer will thoroughly research the topic, survey, and analyze from trusted sources. You would be presented with the first draft. In case you have edits, feedback, or anything you want to incorporate into the white paper, you can tell us. Our dedicated project manager would work with you to implement the best schemes, logos, fonts, and other preferences.
    What type of results can I expect?

     Content marketing services improve your website traffic, conversions, leads, and performance on site. We will measure, evaluate metrics monthly to optimize your conversions. 

    How much content is recommended you publish each month?

    Mostly we deliver blogs weekly. However, the content, blogs, and articles published vary for each business. The purpose of marketing is to increase awareness, increase sales, and gather new customers and traffic.