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Approximately about 60% of traffic generated from social media. Social media has been considered one most influential result-oriented and rapid approaches to convert leads. Since its inception, Social media has changed our perspective to interact with each other. Businesses have adopted the change to interact with consumers and other businesses. Social media marketing strategy is undeniable as consumers rely on more online sources for their information. As a Social media marketing company in Jaipur, we help you drive customers, develop audiences and widen your reach. 

Social Media Marketing

Our Comprehensive Services

Facebook marketing

Our social media management service takes care of your business. Companies trust us to deal with their online presence. In that time, you will steadily see your online presence grows. Your engagement with customers will happen more frequently.

Instagram Marketing

Whether you want growth, drive customers for your website, generate leads, get sales or want to engage the audience, Instagram is the most impactful advertising platform that can help you achieve most of your marketing goals. Our professional team of social media marketing India works with influencers to grow credibility, create robust marketing strategies, craft content with photos, videos so that you get more opportunities to grow exposure to your business.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a digital scrapbook. It is a fantastic place with over 335 million active users. The platform is more niches specific than Twitter and Google, with a great business opportunity. We can help you build an impactful brand reputation that is appealing, consistent, and effective in generating 3x more leads.

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn is considered the most professional look and behavioral, social media platform. The metrics used to post relevant content would strike right to your customer and other potential groups. We help you create interesting profits, keep your brand image with maximum impact, drive conversions, foster higher engagement. We are enthusiastic and passionate about technical abilities to help your brand achieve success in digital scenarios.

Twitter marketing

Twitter is a great platform to get your Twitter opens great opportunities for people who might be interested in your products and services. With more than 330 million active users, Twitter grants the opportunity to reach large customer bases and form enduring connections through content. In India, SMO company creates Twitter marketing campaigns that delve deeper and create Twitter ads allowing your business to connect with niches interests users and reach a global audience.

Youtube marketing

After Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine with more than billions of users. Online videos would make up more than 82% of internet traffic. Increase your views and increase organic traffic through Youtube advertising. We can help you grow your business with our potential Youtube marketing that aligns with your goals.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Growth,
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One Design Technologies is a creative social media agency that produces revolutionary ideas supported by industry-leading data. Our pioneering team specialized in building approaches and strategies around your brand. When planning strategy, we carefully consider platform content that aligns well with your audience. After extensive research, our team tailors down a campaign to meet your exact business goals with different strategies required. 

Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store or wedding business, there is no denying the fact that social media has the power to leverage your business potential. If you are thinking of increasing your online presence or introducing new products or services, let our team manage your channels to catch the audience’s attention by creating feeds/stories that inspire, entertain and educate them. As an SMO company in Jaipur, we help you walk ahead of the competition, empower your business, connect people globally and generate your business through social media. Whether you are looking to boost ROI, increase engagement or want to get higher exposure. One Design Technologies involves a brand relationship, creative execution, strategy evolution, and effective adaptation with Social media platforms.

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Our Three Phase,
Social Media Marketing Plan


The Launch phase of our strategy is focused on setting up social media accounts for your brand. During the phase, you will start seeing some results in terms of traffic as it’s the initial phase of preparation with the aim to create social media presence.


During the Phase, we set up an action plan for your social media campaign and start executing the plan. During the phase, we start publishing content that increases the traffic and helps us to get some followers. The objective of this step is to create useful and informative content with a number of testing plans.


During the Optimization phase, we keep our focus on the metrics/ results from all the social media efforts and continue with looking for areas of improvement for greater success in terms of traffic and objective. We focus on improving metrics and results to a level that is acceptable for your business.

Onsite Optimization

We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search

Keyword Research

We select themed keywords based on user-intent to solidify rankings based on what users searches

Link Building

We help improve website content so visitors clearly understand how it relates to their search


Facebook Marketing


Linkedin Marketing


Twitter Marketing


Instagram Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure if the Campaign is effective?

As a social marketing company in India, We measure engagement rates, website traffic, and conversions through social media. We assign you a dedicated social media manager that monitors activities and creates compelling posts while managing your account.

Why should we partner with One Design technologies?

Our dedicated and experienced team digs into your business's current presence and unveils new approaches by tactically planning the campaigns. We create content and strategies that directly influence your brand. We create content, graphics, videos focusing on your objective.

How long does it take to see the results?

Social media ads and Google ads can bring customers instantly, while some would take time and effort.  Social media marketing strategies might take from 3 to 6 months as per the strategy opted. 

How will you get me, customers?

We can focus on portraying your message best possible in front of a targeted audience. We use Facebook ads, Google My Business, Youtube, Social media, Instagram ads, SEO to augment your visibility and exposure. Our motto is to find your audience and get them converted into leads.

What is your social media management process?

We understand and analyze your present scenario and choose the best social media platform that is effective for your brand. We create a 360-degree approach that focuses on providing the best results. We consider all social media analytics and reports that drill into your business for higher growth.

Which industries have we served?

Education, Pharma, manufacturing, eCommerce, clothing, finance, health hospitals, cosmetics, and much more.

Your Goals are our Goals. Let's work towards your success and get goals achieved.

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