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Leverage your online presence and generate quality leads with Local SEO Services

With more people preferring to search stores “near me” and relying on Google maps for their demands, organizations can’t afford to lag in local presence. Visibility is paramount when it comes to SEO. Whether your business operates locally or wants to attract a loyal customer base, your local presence online is vital. Stand where your customer is looking for you. Local seo services in jaipur can help you create an impactful local presence, boost leads and sales.

The right blend of keyword and a clever bit of geocoding assures that your business is visible in local directories with improved rankings. At One Design technologies, our team of experts promotes your business via the right channels and helps your customer find you. Local SEO has brought drastic changes over the years. From simply targeting now, we have to consider the effect of map packs, intelligent search functions, and many other factors. All this is packed in a modern Local SEO strategy.

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Our SEO services


Local SEO is about communicating to Google the local relevance of your web pages. With various tools and techniques, we develop your local presence, that includes:

Ecommerce Web Development
WebSite Optimization

Your website needs technical tweaks and a solid foundation to attract local searches. Your landing page needs to represent your local profile, including your address, references to local services, products, and areas you serve. Our team optimizes your website and boosts your digital presence. We begin with a detailed analysis of your website with that of competitors and fully understand your current position. We optimize key phrases and increase your web presence and build your authority.

Google My Business

Google My Business helps your account and website show up in search results when searching for it. Though its free tool, Google My business is an undeniable part of your local presence that allows you to manage your Google Map listing, knowledge panel, and more. Whether your goal is to attain foot traffic or web traffic, Google, my business is the ultimate search referrer. Harness the power of online search with Local SEO services in India that seamlessly integrate with your business's existing structure to drive successful results.

Web Designing Services
Local Link Building

As people talk about your business and products offline, they must talk online too. Local backlinks are missing puzzle pieces to dig a comprehensive and successful campaign. Get the backlinks from sites that service in the same area as your business. Get a more specific and relevant audience to get tangible conversions and returns. We create local blogs and influencers that help you gain backlinks and showcase your campaign to improve your crawl on SERPs and get more visibility.

Local Citations

Local Citations list your business name, address, and phone on Search engines to include their search results and target more customers. Google My Business, Yelp, CitySearch are some examples of citation sites, but there are many more. As a Local SEO agency in Jaipur, we help your business gain a stronger foothold by creating social media profiles, feature on local business directories, reach out to newspapers, forums, and communities, reach out to local bloggers, monitor your competitor's backlinks, and open relevant opportunities, fix broken links and much more

Local Directory Listing

A local listing profile is an added advantage for your business; it is imperative to be updated with plenty of pictures, products, or services that provide email, phone number, a glimpse of your business. Lend your business more credibility and customer confidence with the local directory listing. We help you create a vast network as per your geolocation and best suit solutions to promote your business.

Local Digital PR

Beyond traditional PR, now it's time to upgrade with Press releases, news conferences, product announcements in a digital way. Capture your local audience, drive measurable results, explode awareness and build your credibility in front of customers. We have a clear roadmap and guaranteed strategy to pitch to your target prospectus.

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Website Audit

We always kickoff with a detailed site audit to check all the technical issues, on-page issues, crawling issues and more.

Keyword Research

We use a number of tools to find the best keywords for your business that will not only boost your traffic but also will help in the conversions.

Local Optimization

We will deep-dive into your website and GMB listing to optimize both which will ultimately help in improving organic results for your business.

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Content Creation

Our copywriting team has a deep understanding of creating locally optimized content for website copy and blog posts.

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Local Citations

Having consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone Numbers) all around the internet are critical for local SEO and we make sure to optimize that for you.

Link Building

Our Local SEO team of link builders will work with a number of webmasters to earn targeted backlinks that will improve the ranking as well as will drive relevant traffic.


What Our Client’s Say

If You Can Think About It, We Can Rank It

Local SEO plays a significant role in your local business development. From small to big brands all are trying their hands in SEO. SEO can increase your sales as well make your brand visible to local audiences. 

One Digital Technologies is one of the top-notch Local SEO Service providers in Jaipur. We are well aware of all latest local SEO strategies and gives you beneficial results in a short period of time. Currently, around 40% of all the searches are performed every month are local queries, and we can help you take advantage of this big opportunity.

Our Targeted Local SEO Campaigns

Our Local SEO Services are flexible for all size of the businesses and budgets. Whether you are a startup or an established business looking to improve your local presence, we’ve got you covered.

With our targeted Local SEO campaign, you will get 24/7 support from our team. If you come up with a query, you can directly drop us an email and we will make sure to give you instant response



Local SEO marketing is a marketing strategy that helps your business get its products or services in front of people within a specific radius

SEO is every growing practice, and there is a difference between SEO and Local SEO. Local SEO can build signals relevant to your geographical location as per your business. With SEO increasing traffic for a store or business is imperative. In contrast, with Local SEO citations, NAP, link building helps you gain more relevance and authority through search engines’ eyes.

Local SEO is not about stuffing your location keyword; instead, it’s complex and rewarding to achieve your business rankings. It is a highly targeted approach that can help your brand grow, make your business known in front of the local audience and attract more customers.

One Design technologies have a team of writers with journalistic experience who can write professional and effective press releases. We are available for editing, polishing press releases for clients who prefer to craft their own.

We understand each location is different, and we treat it in that way, even if you have one website. As a business with different regional offices, we have unique insight and challenges that focus on customers’ goals. Get help from our assistant and let us do that work.

Local SEO small things can show Huge immediate impact, while sometimes when subtle changes are done, it can take from 2 to 4 months. We abreast all sorts of methodologies to get more customers, larger profit, and increased footfalls for your business.


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