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Reputation Management

Reputation management intended to keep a company’s good reputation in the public eye is called maintenance. This is implied for companies that are now established, and have a good reputation already.
  • We make sure to management your brand reputation by sharing positive news
  • We make sure to monitor all the brand mentions to ensure no negative mentions
If your business has gotten an awful reputation for any reason, then the recovery bit of reputation management is for you. Brick Marketing attempts to hide the bad reputation with great marketing and self-promotion.
  • Review the negative post and will demote it on Search Engine Rankings
  • Our large network of media contacts permits us to know the time & place for everything that you build as a brand worldwide.
Why One Design Technologies

Strengthen your growth with
Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management has become a crucial factor when developing brand visibility and portraying it in front of your customer. Don’t let negative embarks, online slurs, disgruntled employees dent the reputation of your business or tarnish your name. One Design technology can diminish negative results and promote positive impacts across the major search engines. Whether it is a blog, malicious feed, irrelevant story, or foul stories, we can help individuals, public figures, brands, marketing agencies repair the damage and overcome unfortunate reputation nightmares. We can scan thoroughly from various sources like social media, blogs, articles, forums, review sites, etc., and churn out negative comments about your business and produce positive ones. 

Brand Reputation Management

It takes years to achieve the heights and build your brand reputation, but it could be smashed in a fraction of a second due to negative social media stories, malicious gossip, or others. Don't let your past mistakes or minor negative reviews hurt your business or brand. We can help you sail through an overflow of negative comments by whipping out hideous thoughts to clean and maintain your brand image.

Online Reputation Repair

Once your negative reputation is managed and removed, it's time to build a positive one and repair it. Our experts provide you comprehensive services that help you focus your business while taking care of your reputation. We end SEO reputation management and optimize content so that your business gains more positive blogs, articles, news, and others in online services. We magnify your content and showcase a business in the excellent limelight.

Online review management

Build trust, empower credibility with online reviews. Online review management is not limited to delete a negative review, but you have to understand the root cause. Reputation Management Services in India can help you analyze the root cause of negative thoughts and transmute it into positive ones by improving services and products. It would enhance the user experience and future reviews from other customers. We identify the cause from different channels and deal with clients to generate positive content on social media platforms and company websites. We embrace positive reviews and pinout negative reviews before they get viral online.

Corporate Reputation Management

From small to Fortune 500 companies and peers, we have seen the devastating impact on public trust when their reputation is threatened. When you want to get into a potential business or want to check out your services, customers will dive into your social media account and professional profiles to know if there is any negative reputation. Usually, what people see in the first two pages of search engines is what they build up an image of yours.

Constant Monitoring

Online monitoring is the process of controlling online conversations, feedback, reviews about your brands, and implementing measures to build and maintain a positive image. Monitor your customer feedback, reviews through multiple digital platforms and maintain a healthy online reputation. Our proactive approach monitors the existing web material of your brand, products, and services. We help strengthen your online reputation monitoring process, improve digital success and establish a leadership brand by 24 *7 online review monitoring services.

Experiencing influx in a negative online reputation?

Leverage the reputation of your business to convert more customers.

In the tech-savvy world, about 95% of shoppers delve into online reviews before finalizing their purchase. In such fiercely competitive markets, a business must prosper and thrive with a fair and positive online reputation. As the Internet is an un-moderated platform where anything can be published, either positive or negative, it is published in front of everyone. Customer reviews foster business success more than brands themselves. No matter how good your business products and services are, if the search engine does not portray your image well, your business will face serious issues. Online reputation management services in Jaipur effectively combat negative publicity online and put a positive spin on your business. 

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Emilia Clarke
Onum has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
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Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke
Onum has increased our traffic, keywords, and conversion. We’ve enjoyed working with them and consider them a strategic business partner.
Maria Kloop

Why choose us?

With years of experience and industry expertise, we can sniff out every little negative comment on the Internet that can put a significant scratch on your business. We apply immediate solutions to remove harmful material from the Internet. We take proactive measures to avoid SMO and improve brand images. Reputation Management services in Jaipur can simplify the process, build and manage reputation in a practical way that leverages your strengths, mitigate risk and create competitive advantage. We remove negative reviews and help you gain positive thoughts to get found and get chosen by your customers. 

What is the difference between SEO and reputation management?

Reputation management services and SEO are different perspectives. Reputation management requires more resources and hours of dedication extracting the negative comments, feedback, and reviews. In contrast, SEO is to improve the rankings in SERPS of a singular website or page.

My site has been penalized. Can you help me regain my reputation?

Low-quality SEO services, competitor sabotage, unfortunate events, or any negative embark can publicly damage reputation damage in search engines. When a site is penalized, customers lose trust and credibility in your brand. We can help you gain back trust, faith, and customers back with our extensive services. 

How long reputation management takes?

The straightforward removals take between 1 to 4 months; later, we improve the reviews, which can aggregate a month more. Online reputation management activity to push down negative results takes 6 to 12 months. However, every project is different, and there are a lot of factors to consider. 

How does One Design technology online reputation management work?

We identify challenges of harmful content, infuse positive content, PR, Social media posts, including the latest trends, topics, and much more to enhance brand values. With our experts and social engineering techniques, we can permanently remove all negative links, videos, and defamatory data online. 

What is harmful content posted again?

It is up to the client how much and how long they want us to protect their business. Once we have done our job, if a client faces issues or any content arises, they can always approach us and trust us. 

Are any lawyers involved?

Sometimes we need assistance from lawyers, but not always. We don't want either clients or third parties to get into any legal troubles if things work in a simplified way.