How To Gain More Social Media Likes

According to a study, about 30% of individuals’ time today is occupied on different social media networks. With the presence of top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more, it is challenging to present equal attention to all the networks. Additionally, it requires more time and resources to keep different social media accounts, thus, it is significant to prioritize your network to focus on platforms where you can stimulate the most engagement. 


A well-defined strategy based on your goals like reaching the target audience, researching about the competitors, and so forth will benefit you to craft a consistent brand presence that articulates your business. 


If you want to obtain more likes, it is essential to have an engaging page/profile along with the consistency of posts. It is important to fill out all the details with creative content in the About Section, choose compelling images, pin/sponsor a top-performing post, etc to increase brand visibility.

Here’s how you can optimize your Social Media Profile:

What’s the use of a business page/profile which people cannot find? To increase your brand visibility and to gain more likes, it is significant to choose a name that is easily discoverable, ensure that the name is consistent with all the social media networks you engage in, and add social sharing buttons/links to all your content.

80% of the content that you post on your profile should be useful for your audience, while 20% can be sponsored for the promotion of the brand. Content is the most significant part of your social media strategy. Make sure to post consistently, post a variety of engaging content, and use great catchy headlines/caption. See what your followers like and delight them in what you post.

Monitor your presence and engage with your followers/users. See if they have any concerns or queries regarding your brand and join conversations to build a brand worth following.

In order to gain more likes on your posts, it is important to Randomly Like other’s posts. This will not only attract those people towards your profile but also help you stimulate engagement and further expand your reach.

A call to action strategy like using Hashtags, links, social media buttons, etc. help promote your brand presence and stimulate user engagement. You can simply ask your followers to like your page or follow it through e-mail marketing or using the Direct Message option. 

Consistency with posting at the same time also helps improve your brand presence and gain more likes. This way your followers/users know when you are going to post, which can result in increased attention.

To gain more likes and expand your reach, it is significant to collaborate with other brands, influencers, and similar individuals. This way you can attract their followers too. Also, running contests stimulate the engagement of people from different regions, thus widening your brand presence. 



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