October 12, 2019
Optimization / Media

01. The Challenge & Solution

The Client Came us with the problem of declining in the rankings regularly due to some black hat SEO tactics done earlier from a previous company. With the continuous decline in the ranking and traffic, it makes thing pretty rough. So we start with an In-depth Analysis to deal with those spammy links and creating new backlinks at the same time from authority domains. SEO Process takes time to improve so we started with optimizing all the copy and backlink analysis which started showing significant amount of improvements in the domain authority which helped us to improve the rankings and get the things back to normal. Then we started optimizing the campaign and publishing regular copy on the website which helped us to drive more qualified traffic to the website.

02. Working Process

We started with the backlink analysis to ensure there are no spammy backlinks at the same time we started optimizing on-site copy that ensure us to provide value to the potential buyers which ultimately helped in improved rankings and traffic. Later on we started optimizing the blog posts that helped us to drive a lot of potential customers and helped them to provide answers to their questions!!

03. Perfect Result

With our customized SEO strategies helped them to rank higher on the SERP and they were able to increase their organic traffic by almost 400% which resulted in an increase conversion and revenue. We also did a social media campaign for them which give their marketing efforts a boost and they got a great ROI.

Organic Traffic With our Awesome SEO Services