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One Design Technologies is a digital marketing company that puts your business first. We offer expertise in everything you need for your business – and we’re here to help you grow. .Together, we will find new revenue streams, develop marketing strategies tailored to your business needs and provide you with the results you desire. We have more than 15+ years of experience in internet marketing and search engine optimization. That’s why we’re unique in the NYC area. One Design Technologies will help you provide the visibility, traffic, and ROI that you deserve.

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At One Design Technologies we take a results-centric approach to digital marketing. We offer expert expertise in everything that a business needs, including online visibility, digital marketing strategy, campaign management, and PPC optimization. Our goal is to help increase your ROI and traffic through a unique strategy.

Our ethical NYC SEO experts are well versed in keyword research and can understand the demands of your target market. From there, we develop an SEO strategy that mirrors what interests the market.

link building

With years of experience and a website audit, SEO experts in NYC can suggest campaigns to boost your rankings. They work hard to make sure your content is up-to-date and that you have the right strategy for online marketing. We can drive more organic traffic to help boost your website and improve rankings on major search engines. Our SEO experts use best practices & ethical SEO standards in order to ensure success.

Copy Writing

A great SEO plan should include a good content marketing strategy as well. Our NYC SEO company has an in-house team of content strategists who develop long-term plans for your online marketing campaigns. They work with our creative team to achieve your desired results and make sure you're getting your money's worth on these campaigns!. At Proofed, we offer professional services for social media posts, PPC ad content and web design work.


One of our NYC SEO services includes comprehensive on-page optimization. Our digital marketing experts assess your TOP navigation items and current SEO campaigns, including your meta tags, Title Tags & URLS. Our website design & content management service is crucial for succeeding in the tough world of SEO. It provides you with the latest updates to create top-ranking organic search engine listings.


Our NYC SEO Company helps you improve your visibility and credibility in your market. Our local SEO experts include hands-on business strategy, competitive research, citations, and AP monitor monitoring throughout the city’s major neighborhoods.

technical support

We offer a wide array of SEO packages, from site technical maintenance to repair to even improving your current website. Our NYC SEO experts work together with web developers so that they can quickly identify backend errors and other technical issues.


Increase your eCommerce website's visibility by working with our marketing experts in NYC. We focus on improving the product listing and brand pages for your online store to make it easier for you to rank. Within the strategy, we develop and implement eCommerce SEO to improve your visibility in this competitive marketplace.

Partner SEO

We provide specific solutions tailored to your industry or business so you can attract more accurate leads that result in a positive ROI. Our NYC franchise SEO solutions ensure you're marketing to the right audience.

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More Visibility

ODT ensures that it takes care of your website's SEO by identifying all the factors that can be improved.

Increase in Traffic

Ranking higher on search engines increases organic traffic. ODT ensures that your website’s SEO is refined and helps it rank above your competitors.

Increase in Organic Revenue

Organic traffic is often considered the best way to grow your business online. The organic revenue from rankings can also increase with organic traffic. Our reliable and highly efficient campaigns will accelerate your website's growth with minimal effort.

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Outranking your Competitors

Our NYC SEO team regularly performs comprehensive competitor analysis to find out what we can improve on in terms of SEO strategies. This helps us craft strategies that are one step ahead and rank higher than our competitors

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More Leads

More traffic will inevitably lead to more leads. Improving your ranking on search engines is one piece of the revenue pie. We make sure you offer the best products and pricing that your visitors/leads are looking for, so they'll buy from you.

Trust and Authority

Building trust with your existing and new website visitors might seem difficult, but because ODT uses research to its advantage


What Our Client’s Say


Creating a website or content that isn't SEO friendly is pointless. There are roughly 13 billion online searches daily, so you should make sure to comply with current SEO practices. If a particular website has not been properly developed in accordance to modern SEO standards, its likelihood of ranking well is slim.
At ODT, we'll conduct in-depth competitor analysis, analyze your industry's trend, search for trending keywords and more to provide you with the best SEO-proven results. We'll also generate several SEO metrics reports regularly to help you stay ahead of the competition.

The traffic flow on your website indicates how many potential clients are on different paths to purchase or get more information. If the number of visitors is not sufficient, you may have placed your subscription services in vain. ODT’s NYC SEO efforts focus on obtaining high-quality backlinks to potentially influential sites. If you're looking to generate leads and drive referrals, we have a content creation approach that will help you. With page views in your path, we always want to stay top of mind with your customers so they know where to come for answers quickly & easily.

One of the easiest ways to get your website noticed is by using SEO. This method is quick and can breathe new life into your digital marketing campaign! ODT can help you speed up your website, incorporate relevant keywords, improve UX, develop a link-building strategy, test URLs and more. We will also conduct a site audit to identify crawlability issues.

SEO takes time to see results, with the long term benefits of this strategy. Design Technologies believes in sticking with customers and developing long-term relationships with them. These relationships allow for a lot of versatility, which could take you anywhere from a few months to a year or longer depending on your needs. Our NYC SEO firm is here to help clients with their marketing needs. Our team will work diligently and comprehensively to understand what you need as a company and deliver your best solution. We'll also share our experience in your campaigns, giving you the best results possible.

Best SEO Company in New York: If You Can Think About It, We Can Rank It

SEO is considered a necessary component for online visibility and digital marketing strategy. One Design Technologies offers expertise in everything that a business needs. Whether you need help with your website, your digital marketing strategy, or you’re looking to increase ROI and traffic, we can offer innovative solutions that get you the results you need.

When you work with One Design Technologies, you get a custom strategy for your business that’s designed around your unique needs and objectives. And to get there, we follow a tried-and best practice that we’ve perfected over many years of offering expert results.

Your dedicated SEO Account Manager will start with a process called “The Discovery Process,” which is when your team will find real-time data about your business, what your website does, and more. From there, we’ll be able to pinpoint your exact target audience so that you can make a comprehensive plan for reaching them. Our goal as marketers is to make sure that our brand is at the top of the list and presented in a way that makes sense. We search for interesting and relevant keywords, compile an extensive content database, and then deploy our marketing campaign accordingly.

One Design Technologies is a NYC SEO agency focused on increasing visibility and profitability for its clients. Their services help businesses appeal to customers while achieving leadership in their industry. Sure, SEO strategies are important for building a consistent and scalable channel for lead generation and customer influence. One Design Technologies is an NYC SEO agency that specializes in providing search engine optimization and marketing expertise.

Our work has provided our clients with meaningful pipeline growth. , increased ROI, and increasing consistency in delivering engaged leads. One Design Technologies is a search engine optimization firm that provides services to help businesses reach their target customers. One Design Technologies uses its expertise in web design, strategy and marketing to empower clients with increased visibility, improved performance and expanded market share.



Local SEO marketing is a marketing strategy that helps your business get its products or services in front of people within a specific radius

Local SEO marketing is a marketing strategy that helps your business get its products or services in front of people within a specific radius

SEO is every growing practice, and there is a difference between SEO and Local SEO. Local SEO can build signals relevant to your geographical location as per your business. With SEO increasing traffic for a store or business is imperative. In contrast, with Local SEO citations, NAP, link building helps you gain more relevance and authority through search engines’ eyes.

Local SEO is not about stuffing your location keyword; instead, it’s complex and rewarding to achieve your business rankings. It is a highly targeted approach that can help your brand grow, make your business known in front of the local audience and attract more customers.

One Design technologies have a team of writers with journalistic experience who can write professional and effective press releases. We are available for editing, polishing press releases for clients who prefer to craft their own.

We understand each location is different, and we treat it in that way, even if you have one website. As a business with different regional offices, we have unique insight and challenges that focus on customers’ goals. Get help from our assistant and let us do that work.

Local SEO small things can show Huge immediate impact, while sometimes when subtle changes are done, it can take from 2 to 4 months. We abreast all sorts of methodologies to get more customers, larger profit, and increased footfalls for your business.


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