June 07, 2019
Baker Chiropractic SEO Campaign

01. The Challenge & Solution

Baker Chiropractic oa team approach to successfully diagnosing, treating and correcting your health problem and the pain or discomfort you are enduring. When the client came to us, they were struggling with the traffic and ranking. When they came to us most of their traffic was direct and they were not tracking any leads through website. We worked on On-Page SEO optimizations with keeping Local SEO strategy in focus which allows them to generate a good amount of leads and achieved first page rankings for most of the keywords. 

Baker Chiropractic SEO Campaign

02. Working Process

One of the most important part of the SEO campaign was focusing on Local SEO strategy. We created a detailed strategy to optimize the website and Google My Business Listing that helped us to achieve great results.  One of the main goal of our SEO process was to attract the targeted customer base through organic searches.

For this, we used a number of tools like Brightlocal, SEMRUSH, Ahrefs , Google Search Console and Google Analytics data to provide quantitative data that help us to understand and analyze the market trends. It helped us to find number of great opportunities to outrank competitors

Baker Chiropractic SEO Campaign

03. Perfect Result

With our customized strategy, we got higher rankings and a great bump in the organic traffic that saved a lot of money for them as they started spending a very less amount on the PPC campaign. They got 1st position for some of the targeted keywords and also get featured in Local Map Listings!